Tinta Crayons

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Tinta Crayons are created for your child to draw, colour, and have imaginative play! They spark creativity for any baby.

It’s a perfect gift for your baby nephew or niece.

100% natural and made of organic beeswax.

Designed and made in Melbourne.

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Tinta Crayons are 100% natural and made of organic beeswax. These are perfect for little hands and big on fun! Time for play!

They’re created with little people in mind. From drawing, colouring to imaginative play, they spark creativity for your child.

Designed and made in Melbourne.

Dimension: 11 cm x 10 cm x 2cm

Weight: 100g


Dino Mountain, Enchanted Forest, Garden Insect, Leaf, Owl, Outer Space

1 review for Tinta Crayons

  1. Sabrina

    Awesome toy! My daughter loves doodling with them. It doesn’t help that they’re so cute! She can’t seem to put them down. She can go for around 30minutes at one time before she takes a break.

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