We Curate High Quality Items For Your Baby

We thoughtfully curate high quality items for your baby.

So you can focus on what truly matters..

At Three Little Cubs, we know you want to provide the best for your baby. In order to do that, you need high quality items that is affordable.

Here’s the problem, the baby market is filled with tons of items. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what is the latest and the best. All of that is making you feel overwhelmed. Especially so if you’re a first time mummy. We believe time should be spent with your baby. And not reading through thousands of articles just trying to figure out the right baby items.

As a mother myself, I understand the frustration of buying items that aren’t right for my baby. I remember buying three different bibs only to discover that none of them were suitable. We had to experiment with so many different bibs until we found the one that was suitable for her.

That’s why at Three Little Cubs, we want to provide you with thoughtfully curated high quality baby items. They’re beautiful. Made from the highest quality of materials. And they’re safe for your baby to use.

Our focus niche is your baby’s eating, sleeping, and learning through play.

When you have the right items, you save money and time. So you can actually enjoy all your baby’s precious milestones.

Just in case you’re wondering, we’re based in sunny Singapore.